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Common Medicare Questions: Answers From Medicare Expert Charles MacKay

What is Medicare? Medicare is the U.S. federal government program that provides health insurance coverage to those over 65, certain younger people who are disabled, and those who have end-stage...
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Medicare and Medicaid Dual Eligibility: Medicare D-SNP (Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan) Eligibility & Enrollment

60.7 million Americans are Medicare beneficiaries. 1 In 2019, more than 12 million Americans are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid and are enrolled in both programs. 2 Beneficiaries...
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Can I Change My Medicare Advantage Plan Anytime?

There are more than 2,700 Medicare Advantage plans available in 2019, with a wide range of networks, benefits and costs. 1 With so many options available – which can include $0 premium plans...
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What Are Top Rated Medicare Advantage Plans?

Editor’s Note: 2020 Medicare Advantage plans will not be made public until October 2019. This guide provides general information about Medicare Advantage plans as well as the current market lands...
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How Much Do Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) Plans Cost in Each State?

In 2018, the average monthly premium for a Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) plan nationwide was $35.55 per month, and the median premium cost was $32.53 per month. 1 It's important to not...
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What is the Average Cost of Medicare Part B in 2019?

Medicare Part B is optional for all beneficiaries. Part B is medical insurance and covers certain outpatient care such as doctor’s office visits, preventive care, medical equipment and other quali...
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The Average Cost of Medicare in Every State

New to Medicare? Compare Medicare plan costs in your area. Compare Plans Or call 1-{{TFN}} 1-{{TFN}} TTY Users: {{TTY}} 24/7 to speak with a licensed insurance agent. Original Med...
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The Pros and Cons of Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Part D

Over 59.6 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare as of April 2019. 1 Such a large number of beneficiaries rely on some type of Medicare health coverage, but what are some of the benefits...
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Trumpcare Explained

When the subject of health care comes up, terms like “ Trumpcare ” and “ Obamacare ” often do too. These names refer to enacted or attempted health care legislation under President Donald Trump an...
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Medicare and Dental Benefits

While Medicare Part A and Part B (often called Original Medicare) provide coverage for a wide range of health care benefits, one of the few areas in which it comes up short is routine dental care....
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