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How to Check Your Medicare Enrollment Status

With so many different types of Medicare plans available, you could easily lose track of which plan (or plans) you have. So how do you quickly find out what type of Medicare plan you have? This...
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What Is Medicare? Everything You Need to Know

What exactly is Medicare and how does it work? Medicare is a federal health insurance program primarily designed for people age 65 or older and younger people who are eligible for medicare du...
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What Do the Different Parts of Medicare Cover?

If you’re eligible for Medicare and ready to enroll, you need to understand what Medicare covers. Medicare is broken down into four parts and each part includes a different set of benefits....
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Do Seniors Need to Take Vitamins? A Guide to What Vitamins Are Good for Older Adults

As we age, we are not always able to collect sufficient nutrients from food alone. That’s why vitamins can play such an important role in the health of older adults. More than two out of ever...
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Viibryd (Vilazodone) Medicare Coverage

Viibryd Chemical name: Vilazodone Brand name: Viibryd Typical dosage: 40mg Typical type: Tablet Viibryd is a medication used to treat depression. Viibryd is only available as a bra...
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Vigamox (Moxifloxacin) Medicare Coverage

Vigamox Chemical name: Moxifloxacin Brand name: Vigamox Typical dosage: 3ml of 0.5% Typical type: Eye drop Vigamox is a medication used to treat eye infections. Vigamox is availabl...
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Victoza (Liraglutide) Medicare Coverage

Victoza Chemical name: Liraglutide Brand name: Victoza Typical dosage: 18mcg/3ml Typical type: Injection Victoza is a medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. Victoza is only avai...
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Study: Value-Based Medicare Advantage Plans Deliver Better Care at a Lower Cost

A new study shows that Humana’s shift from a fee-for-service to a value-based care model for its Medicare Advantage plans is paying off. The internal study concluded that the shift to focusing...
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Urso Forte (Ursodiol) Medicare Coverage

Urso Forte Chemical name: Ursodiol Brand name: Urso Forte Typical dosage: 500mg Typical type: Tablet Urso Forte is a medication used to dissolve gallstones and treat primary biliar...
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Tymlos (Abaloparatide) Medicare Coverage

Tymlos Chemical name: Abaloparatide Brand name: Tymlos Typical dosage: 1.56ml of 80mcg Typical type: Injection 1 Tymlos is a medication used to treat osteoporosis. Tymlos is avail...
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