Medicare Costs

Average cost of Medicare Part A

If you or your spouse worked and paid Medicare taxes for the equivalent of 10 years (40 quarters), you qualify for premium-free Medicare Part A.

If you paid Medicare taxes for only 30-39 quarters, your 2022 Part A premium will be $274 per month. If you paid Medicare taxes for fewer than 30 quarters, your premium will be $499 per month.

Average cost of Medicare

Average cost of Medicare part B

The standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B is $170.10 per month in 2022.

Some Medicare beneficiaries may pay more or less per month for their Part B coverage. The Part B premium is based on your reported income from two years ago (2020).

Average cost of Medicare Part B

Average cost of Medicare Part C

In 2022, the nationwide average monthly premium for a Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) plan is $62.66 per month, though many plans feature lower or $0 monthly premiums.1

Average cost of Medicare Part C

Average cost of Medicare Part D

The average Part D plan premium in 2022 is $47.59 per month.1

Average cost of Medicare Part D

Medicare Supplement Costs

The average premium a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plan beneficiary paid in 2018 was $125.93. But the average cost of each type of Medigap plan can vary quite a bit from one plan type to another.

Average cost of Medicare Supplement Plans


1 The Best States for Medicare report.

2 TZ Insurance Solutions LLC internal sales data, 2019. This data is based on the Medicare Supplement Insurance policies TZ Insurance Solutions LLC has sold. It is not a comprehensive national average of all available Medicare Supplement Insurance plan premiums.

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