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Xopenex (Levalbuterol) Medicare Coverage

Xopenex Chemical name: Levalbuterol Brand name: Xopenex Typical dosage: 3ml of 1.25mg/3ml Typical type: Oral inhalation 1 Xopenex is a medication used to treat airway diseases and...
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10 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Winter can be a dangerous time for everyone, but older adults are especially at risk . As we age, our body becomes more sensitive to temperature changes, our balance becomes less steady, our bo...
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The Rise of Medicare Advantage

As more and more people become eligible for Medicare every day, many Americans are realizing the potential value of enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan . Medicare Advantage plans (also calle...
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Who Is Qualified for Medicare?

Many United States citizens qualify for Medicare enrollment at age 65 . But did you know that some people may be qualified for Medicare earlier based on a specific health condition or disability?...
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Quiz | Which Medicare Advantage Plan Type May Be Right for Me?

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When Do You Have to Sign Up for Medicare?

In most cases, individuals are eligible to receive Medicare when they turn 65 years old. However, some individuals may qualify for Medicare sooner if they have certain disabilities and End Stage...
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When Can I Enroll in Medicare? Answers From Medicare Expert Charles MacKay

You might think that “When can I sign up for Medicare?” would be a simple question. Many people may think that you can sign up for Medicare as soon as you are age 65. Alas, that’s not always the c...
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Can I Change My Medicare Advantage Plan Anytime?

There are more than 2,700 Medicare Advantage plans available in 2019, with a wide range of networks, benefits and costs. 1 With so many options available – which can include $0 premium plans...
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Dementia vs. Alzheimer’s: How Are They Different?

Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe physical changes in the brain that result in difficulties remembering, controlling emotions, communicating and performing routine activities. Alzhe...
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What Does Medicare Cover?’s "What’s Covered" App

The What’s Covered app allows Medicare beneficiaries to check coverage and compare costs with the touch of their smartphone screen. January 30, 2019 Many American seniors are embracing...
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