The Best Medicare Advantage Plans of 2022

There are a record number of Medicare Advantage plans available in 2022. Compare Medicare plans from several carriers who may offer plans where you live, and find the best Medicare plan for your needs.

Finding the best Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plan for your needs may depend on a number of factors, and the best Medicare Advantage plan for you may be quite different than the best plan for someone else.

A licensed insurance agent can help you compare Medicare Advantage plans in your area, including plan costs and important factors such as whether the plan covers your prescription drugs and if your doctor is in the plan network.

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Best 2022 Medicare Advantage Plans and Companies

Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private insurance carriers. The plans that are available near you and the carriers that provide them may vary by location.

The best Medicare Advantage plans for you in 2022 could come from one of a number of insurance companies, such as:

Medicare Advantage plans are required by law to cover everything that Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) covers.

A Medicare Advantage plan replaces your Original Medicare coverage. When you go to the doctor, you take your Medicare Advantage plan ID card from your insurance company, instead of your red, white and blue Medicare card from the federal government.

Most Medicare Advantage plans also typically include prescription drug coverage, and some plans may cover additional benefits such as:

  • Routine dental and vision care
  • Hearing care and allowances for items such as hearing aids
  • Memberships to gyms and wellness programs such as SilverSneakers
  • Home modifications to help you age safely in your house, such as bathroom grab bars
  • Non-emergency transportation to places like your doctor’s office
  • Home delivered meals
  • Allowances for over-the-counter (OTC) items

Plan benefits and availability may vary from one plan and one location to the next.


Around 2.3 million people are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan from Aetna.1 Aetna offers plans with $0 premiums in some areas, though $0 plans may not be available in all locations.

Some Aetna Medicare Advantage plans may offer benefits that can include a 24/7 nursing hotline, prescription drug coverage, routine dental and vision care benefits and a $0 comprehensive annual physical exam.

Aetna was the fourth-highest ranked Medicare Advantage plan provider in J.D. Power’s 2019 Medicare Advantage overall customer satisfaction study.2

In 2020, Aetna Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MA-PD) plans have an overall weighted average of 4.3 out of 5 stars from the annual Star Ratings provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).3

The majority of Aetna Medicare plan members are enrolled in a plan that’s rated 4.5 stars or higher, which is considered a highly-rated Medicare Advantage plan.


Over four million people rely on Humana for their Medicare Advantage plan.4

Humana Medicare Advantage plan options include HMOs, PPOs, Private-Fee-For-Service (PFFS) and Special Needs Plans (SNPs). Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans are available in 83 percent of all U.S. counties in 2020.5

Humana Inc. was awarded the Best in Customer Service 2020 for health insurance companies, according to Newsweek.6

Humana ranked third in J.D. Power’s 2019 Medicare Advantage overall customer satisfaction study, with a rating of “Better than most.”2

Some Humana Medicare Advantage plans offer benefits such as fitness programs, mail-order pharmacies and caregiver support.


5.3 million people choose UnitedHealthcare for their Medicare Advantage plan.7

The UnitedHealthcare network includes over 1.3 million health care providers and more than 6,000 hospitals and other facilities. UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans are available in 60 percent of U.S. counties in 2020.5

UnitedHealthcare ranked eighth in J.D. Power’s 2019 Medicare Advantage overall customer satisfaction study.2

Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross is part of the Anthem family of brands, which is one of the largest health benefits companies in the U.S.

Over 1.2 million beneficiaries are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan from Anthem.8

Anthem offers several different types of Medicare Advantage plans, such as HMO plans, PPO plans and Special Needs Plans (SNP).

Medicare Advantage plans from Anthem can cover a number of benefits that may include prescription drug coverage, hearing benefits, preventive care, annual out-of-pocket spending limits and membership to health and wellness programs such as SilverSneakers.

Depending on where you live, plans with premiums as low as $0 may be available in your area.

Anthem ranked seventh in J.D. Power’s 2019 Medicare Advantage overall customer satisfaction study.2


Cigna-HealthSpring’s roots can be traced back to over 200 years ago. In 2018, roughly 60 percent of Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare Advantage members were enrolled in a plan rated four stars or higher.9

Medicare Advantage plans from Cigna-HealthSpring may offer additional benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. Some of these benefits may include things like prescription drug coverage, routine dental and vision care and memberships to gyms and wellness programs.

$0 premium plans may be available in some areas.

Cigna-HealthSpring ranked ninth in J.D. Power’s 2019 Medicare Advantage overall customer satisfaction study.2

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente sells Medicare Advantage plans in the following states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Oregon
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Washington D.C.

Kaiser Permanente ranked the highest overall for the fifth consecutive year in the 2019 J.D. Power Medicare Advantage study, earning the highest possible marks in five of the seven categories measured (as “Kaiser Foundation Health Plan”).2


WellCare connects its Medicare Advantage members to a toll-free Community Assistance Line that helps people reach various social service programs for food, education, finances, transportation and more.

WellCare’s Medicare Advantage plans ranked tenth in J.D. Power’s 2019 Medicare Advantage overall customer satisfaction study.2

WellCare provides managed care services through Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and Medicaid plans to 6.3 million plan members as of September, 2019.10

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Choosing the Best Medicare Advantage Plan for You

There are 3,148 Medicare Advantage plans available for individual enrollment in 2020, which marks the largest number of plans ever available. And the average beneficiary will have around 28 plans available to choose from. 5

With so many plans from which to choose, there are a few things you might want to consider when shopping for the best Medicare Advantage plan for you.

What are the types of Medicare Advantage plans?

There are a few different types of Medicare Advantage plans. Two of the most common are Medicare HMO plans and Medicare PPO plans.

  • An HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan typically includes a network of providers, and you must receive care from one of these in-network providers in order to be covered by your plan. With an HMO, you may be able to receive some emergency care outside of your plan network.

    HMO plans may typically be able to offer premiums that are lower than other types of health plans.

  • A PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan grants members a little more freedom in their provider selection. PPO plans typically have a network of preferred doctors, pharmacists and other health care providers who you can visit to receive covered care.

    With PPO plans, you generally can see providers outside of your plan network, and you don’t need a referral to see a specialist. If you visit a provider outside of the plan network, however, you may pay higher out-of-pocket costs than if you visit an in-network provider.

You can read more to learn about the different types of Medicare Advantage plans.

How do I find a top-rated Medicare plan?

Every year, Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-star rating system. If multiple Medicare plans are available where you live, you may be able to use the Star Ratings to help you compare the quality of plans you can choose from.

The rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reflects the plan’s performance in several categories, such as:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Preventive care
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Customer service
  • Member complaints and any changes in the plan’s performance

You can read more to learn about Medicare Star Ratings

How much do Medicare Advantage plans cost?

The cost of Medicare Advantage plans may vary from one plan, carrier and location to the next. In some areas, there may be $0 premium Medicare Advantage plans available.

As with any type of insurance, it’s important to weigh the costs when shopping. You may want to consider not only the monthly premium, but also any deductibles, coinsurance or copayments associated with the plan. 

The average monthly premium for a Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription drug coverage in 2020 is $36, which is down from $40 in 2019.5

What benefits do Medicare Advantage plans offer?

The benefits that are included in a Medicare Advantage plan may be instrumental in your selection. If things like routine vision or dental care are important to you, you may want to look for a plan that features coverage in these areas.

If you take any prescription medications, you may want to find a plan that covers the specific drug that you take.

If you call a licensed insurance agent or if you compare Medicare plans online, you can enter your prescription drugs and your preferred doctors and pharmacies, and you can find out what additional benefits your plan may offer.

Do Medicare Advantage plans always have a network of providers?

Medicare Advantage plans often – but not always – include a network of participating health care providers such as doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, clinics and medical equipment suppliers.

The best Medicare Advantage plan for you is likely the one that features your favorite or most convenient health care providers in its network of participants.

Be sure to find out what doctors and other providers are in a plan network – and find out the rules of the network – before you enroll in a plan.

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