Medicare Benefits

Medicare plans come with a wide range of benefits to enrollees, but the specific benefits will vary according to the type of Medicare plan.

Original Medicare Benefits

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) typically covers emergency care (under Medicare part A) and outpatient health care, preventive care and medical devices (under Medicare Part B). Most people who enroll in Original Medicare will have to pay a monthly premium for Part B coverage. Original Medicare does not cover routine vision or dental care, and it does not typically cover prescription drugs.

Medicare Advantage Benefits

Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans are privately administered, so costs and benefits can vary according to the particular plan you choose. Some Medicare Advantage plans may feature $0 monthly premiums. Most Part C plans offer prescription drug coverage. Some plans may also cover routine vision and dental care as well as a number of other benefits such as free gym memberships and transportation costs related to medical care, all of which is not covered by Original Medicare. However, it’s important to check with an insurance agent or with your plan carrier to find out exactly what benefits may be covered under your Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Supplement Benefits

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans can help pay for some out-of-pocket Medicare costs such as deductibles, copays and coinsurance. In addition to help covering costs associated with Original Medicare, some plans also can help pay for medical care needed while traveling internationally.

Read more below to learn about the benefits offered by different parts of Medicare and how each type of coverage works.

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A new study by health research firm Avalere Health shows that people with Medicare Advantage plans experienced up to 33 percent fewer emergency room visits and 23 percent fewer hospital stays than...
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Can I Use Medicare Supplement Insurance in Another Country?

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