Top Five Travel Destinations this Spring

With warmer weather on the horizon, some people may be itching for a fun trip to breathe in the fresh air and soak in the softly budding landscape.  After being cooped up indoors for winter, it’s time to grab your suitcase from the closet and take off down the road!  But where should you go during the spring?  There are some particularly floral destinations that embody the very definition of spring in the United States alone.

Top Five Travel Destinations this Spring

Here are our top five places in the United States to visit this spring1:

1. Washington, DC

When many Americans think about floral destinations in the spring, one that immediately comes to mind is the Washington, DC cherry blossom.  These vibrant pink trees bud alongside the Potomac River framing some of the national monuments in springtime beauty.  Typically, the cherry blossoms begin to open the last week of March into the first week of April making it a small window of time to admire their splendor and fragrance.  To honor their arrival, Washington DC participates in an annual Cherry Blossom Festival for visitors to enjoy.2

2. Holland, Michigan

A place that has a deep history of celebrating the budding of flowers in spring is Holland, Michigan.  In 1929, the town planted 100,000 tulips bulbs that became an overwhelming tourist attraction.  The town then created a Tulip Festival that includes Dutch dancers, parades, and of course, tulips.  The festival is an eight day event that typically occurs at the beginning of May when the tulips are their most vibrant.3

3. Tucson, Arizona

This may seem like an interesting choice, but Arizona holds some hidden floral gems during the spring season.  From February to April, several national parks including Saguaro National Park, Catalina State Park and Picacho Peak have large pockets of desert wildflowers.4  Along with this, cactus flowers are in full bloom.  Enjoy exploring the desert terrain and stumbling upon tucked away blooms.

4. Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad is the home of The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch.  The Flower Fields are 50 acres worth of colorful blooms that flourish in spring.  The Carlsbad Ranch reopens every year in March for six to eight weeks to welcome visitors back to the joys of spring.5  Tickets are necessary to visit and since the flowers are only in bloom for a short time, it is important to plan your trip accordingly.

5. Charleston, South Carolina

Every year, Charleston holds the Flowertown Festival that celebrates the azalea blooms.  It takes place at the Azalea Park in Summerville and includes not only gorgeous azalea bushes, but food trucks, a farmer’s market and artists’ showcase.  The festival typically takes place at the end of March or early April.6  Soak in the beauty of azaleas while you enjoy southern charm and good food.

Don’t just take in the joys of spring at home this year.  Travel to a new spot in the nation to take in breath-taking flower fields, unique desert blooms or vibrant tulips.  Now get out there and smell the roses!

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