Anthem Medicare Part D

At a glance

  • $0 premium plans available in some areas
  • Many plans offer prescription drug coverage and vision and dental benefits
  • Over 1.5 million people are enrolled in an Anthem Medicare Advantage Plan1

If you want Medicare prescription drug coverage, you can either enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan that covers prescription drugs, or you can enroll in a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan (PDP).

Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem) Medicare Part D plans can help lower your prescription drug costs and offer copays as low as $0.

What pharmacies accept Anthem prescription drug coverage?

There are over 68,000 pharmacies nationwide that are part of the Anthem network.2

Depending on how you get your Anthem Medicare prescription drug coverage, you may pay a lower amount by visiting a pharmacy that offers preferred cost sharing.

The benefits of Anthem Medicare Part D coverage

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) doesn’t cover prescription medications. The out-of-pocket costs of paying for prescription drugs can be high, which can be daunting for the majority of older Americans who need prescription drugs.

Medicare Part D coverage helps you pay for your current prescription drugs, and it also helps you pay for any drugs that you may be prescribed in the future.

All of the prescription drugs that Anthem covers are divided into cost tiers. Generic drugs are typically lower cost and are on a lower tier, while name brand drugs are typically more expensive and on a higher tier. You can learn more about your drug coverage tiers by reviewing your Anthem Medicare plan drug formulary (drug list).

Depending on how you get your Anthem prescription drug coverage, you may have copays as low as $0 for certain medications.

Most Anthem Medicare Advantage Plans cover prescription drugs

Medicare Advantage plans – such as the plans available from Anthem – provide the same benefits as Original Medicare and (often) prescription drug coverage, combined into one convenient plan.

Many Anthem Medicare Advantage plans also offer hearing, vision and dental benefits, which Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

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