Medicare Supplement Insurance in North Dakota

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North Dakota Medicare Supplement

Medicare beneficiaries in North Dakota have several Medicare plan options, including Medicare Supplement Insurance (also called Medigap), which can help provide coverage for many of the out-of-pocket expenses that come along with Medicare Part A and Part B.

These costs can include Medicare deductibles, copayments, coinsurance and more, some of which may be covered by a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.  

North Dakota Medigap plans

There are up to 10 different Medicare Supplement Insurance plans available in North Dakota, and each one offers its own standardized set of benefits. Each plan is labeled with a letter for easy identification: Plan A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N.

At the end of 2016, more than 48,000 people in North Dakota were enrolled in a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.1 That figure accounted for around 49 percent of all Original Medicare beneficiaries in the state.2

As is the case in most states, Plan F was the most popular plan in North Dakota as of 2016, accounting for about 88 percent of all North Dakota Medicare Supplement Insurance enrollees.1 Plan F offers coverage for all nine standardized Medigap benefits.

The benefits that you might find in a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F in North Dakota include coverage for:

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North Dakota Medicare Supplement Insurance plans vs. Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare beneficiaries in North Dakota have the option to enroll in either a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.

While a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan works alongside Original Medicare coverage, a Medicare Advantage plan (Medicare Part C) works as an alternative option to Original Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage plans are very different. You may not have a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan and a Medicare Advantage plan at the same time.

Medicare Advantage plans provide the same benefits as Original Medicare, and some plans may offer some additional benefits such as:

Starting in 2019, Medicare Advantage plans may offer even more additional benefits, such as grab bars for home bathrooms and meal delivery.

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