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If you have questions about Medicaid enrollment, benefits, costs and more – or if you're wondering how Medicaid works together with Medicare – these helpful reviews and resources can help you better understand this national program and the benefits that may be available to you.

Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

Dual-eligible beneficiaries are people who are entitled to Medicaid benefits as well as Medicare health coverage. People with dual eligibility may be able to enroll in what's called a Dual-Eligible Medicare Special Needs Plan (D-SNP)

Depending on your unique level of eligibility, a Medicare Special Needs Plan can help cover some or nearly all of your health care costs, include Medicare deductibles, copays, coinsurance and other costs. Learn more about Medicare D-SNPs and find out if there are plans available where you live that can help cover your health care costs.

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Does Medicaid Cover Hospice Care?

Hospice is covered by Medicaid in most states but is not a mandatory Medicaid benefit. Medicaid programs are administrated at the federal level and by each individual state. There are certain ma...
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Does Medicaid Cover Therapy?

Therapy and other mental health services are optional Medicaid benefits, which means Medicaid covers therapy in some states, but may not cover it in others. Medicaid benefits can be lumped into...
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How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Medicaid Card

If your Medicaid card is lost, stolen or damaged, it’s important to request a replacement card so that you don’t encounter any interruptions to your health care services. Why it’s important to...
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Does Medicaid Cover Dentures?

Individual state Medicaid programs aren’t required to offer any dental coverage to adults. So the question of whether or not Medicaid covers the cost of dentures will depend on the state in which...
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Does Medicaid Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

Medicaid provides coverage for a variety of weight loss programs, but does it cover the cost of weight loss surgery? Medicaid may cover weight loss surgery in some states Medicaid coverage c...
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Does Medicaid Cover Braces?

Braces can be expensive and difficult for many to afford without insurance coverage. Even with insurance, the cost of braces can strain many budgets. Whether Medicaid covers braces will depend...
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Does Medicaid Cover Vision Benefits?

Many Medicaid beneficiaries want to know if the program covers vision care. Certain vision services for children are covered in every state, while adult Medicaid vision benefits vary from state to...
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Does Medicaid Pay For Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

When not covered by insurance, a wisdom tooth extraction can be just as painful to your wallet as it is to your mouth. Medicaid beneficiaries in some states may be able to find some relief. Bel...
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Does Medicaid Cover Home Care?

Medicaid covers home health care in all 50 states. And while coverage is sure to vary from one state’s Medicaid program to another, below is an overview of some general information pertaining to M...
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The Role Age Plays in Medicaid Eligibility

Age may or may not play a factor in Medicaid eligibility, as there are different types of Medicaid programs, various ways to qualify and rules that differ by state. In this Medicaid eligibility gu...
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