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J.D. Power Study: Medicare Advantage Customer Satisfaction Remains High

A study by J.D. Power shows that customer satisfaction among Medicare Advantage plans remains high, even as enrollment numbers spike. The study measured six factors to determine customer satisfaction: coverage and benefits, customer service, claims processing, cost, provider choice, and information and communication.

Even as enrollment spikes, customer satisfaction for Medicare Advantage plan members remains stable, according to the J.D. Power 2019 Medicare Advantage Study.

On a 1,000-point scale, Medicare Advantage plan enrollee customer satisfaction registered a score of 795. 

The study measures six factors to determine overall beneficiary satisfaction: coverage and benefits, customer service, billing and payment, cost, provider choice, and information and communication. 

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Medicare Advantage enrollment up, costs down

Medicare Advantage plans are sold by private insurers and serve as an alternative option for receiving Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) benefits.

The plans offer all the same benefits as Original Medicare while often providing extra perks such as coverage for dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs.

Many plans even offer benefits like gym memberships, and the list of approved benefits that Medicare Advantage plans may offer has expanded to include services such as home meal delivery, non-emergency transportation and more.

The average premium for a 2020 Medicare Advantage plan that offers prescription drug coverage is $36 per month in 2020, which is down from $40 per month in 2019.1

As plan costs go down, enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans is expected to go up yet again.

More than 22 million beneficiaries are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, which makes up more than one-third of all Medicare recipients. The total number of Medicare Advantage plans sold throughout the country is set to increase to around 3,148 in 2020.1 

You may be able to find a Medicare Advantage plan available where you live that offers benefits such as prescription drug coverage, dental and vision care and more. Call today to speak with a licensed insurance agent who can help you compare plan costs and find the right plan for you.


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