Does Medicare Cover Physical Therapy?

Medicare Part B typically does cover physical therapy if it is considered medically necessary by a doctor or therapist.

Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans can also cover physical therapy, and some plans may offer additional benefits that Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) doesn't cover.

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How much does Medicare pay for physical therapy?

Medicare Part B will typically pay 80% of the approved cost amount, and you will pay 20% after you meet your Part B deductible ($198 per year in 2020). If your physical therapy is not considered medically necessary, you're responsible for 100% of the cost.

To find out how much your physical therapy services will likely cost, speak with your therapist or therapy provider before receiving services.

Is there a limit on what Medicare pays for physical therapy?

In 2018, congress eliminated the limits on how much Medicare pays for therapy services in a single year.

This means that in qualifying cases, Medicare Part B will continue to help cover some of the costs of your physical therapy, no matter how high your accumulated costs grow in the year.

Your therapy provider may need to add a notation to your therapy claim, confirming that your therapy services are reasonable and necessary. Your therapist may also add information to your medical records explaining why the services are medically necessary.

If your physical therapy services are not medically necessary, your therapy provider must provide you with a written notice before providing services.

Who can receive physical therapy that is covered by Medicare?

Physical therapy services are generally covered for anyone with Medicare Part B, as long as the services are considered medically necessary.

Do Medicare Advantage plans cover physical therapy?

Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) are sold by private insurance companies and combine the benefits covered by Medicare Part A and Part B into one single plan.

This means that Medicare Advantage plans will cover your physical therapy services that would qualify for Medicare Part B coverage as listed above.

Many Medicare Advantage plans may also provide benefits that aren’t covered by Original Medicare. Some of these additional benefits can include prescription drug coverage and membership to fitness and wellness programs such as Silver Sneakers.

To learn more about Medicare Advantage plans in your area that cover physical therapy, call today to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

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