Does Medicare Cover Dermatology?

Medicare Part B may cover dermatology care if it’s deemed medically necessary to evaluate, diagnose or treat a specific medical condition. Medicare does not cover routine dermatology care, however, such as the treatment of non-cancerous acne.

Medicare Advantage plans include the same benefits as Medicare Part A and Part B, and many plans may include coverage for dermatology, as well as for prescription drugs, dental, vision, wellness programs and other benefits.

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What dermatology services does Medicare cover?

Common dermatological care can range from simple treatments – such as mole screenings and skin disorder therapies – to more advanced surgical procedures such as skin biopsies and cellular scrapings.

Medicare Part B (medical insurance) covers services if your doctor believes they are medically necessary. You may need a referral to see a specialist if your doctor doesn’t offer dermatology care.

If you receive medical care to treat skin cancer – for example – the care you receive will likely be covered by Medicare Part B.

How much does Medicare dermatology care cost?

If Medicare Part B covers your medically necessary dermatology treatment, you will typically be responsible for paying any Medicare out-of-pocket costs.

These costs can include the Medicare Part B deductible ($198 in 2020) and Medicare Part B coinsurance, which is 20 percent of the Medicare approved amount for the cost of your treatment (after you meet your Part B deductible).

You should check with your doctor and your dermatologist before treatment so that you can find out if your dermatology care is covered and how much you may have to pay.

Some Medicare Advantage plans may cover dermatology care

If you want a Medicare Advantage plan with dermatology coverage, you should ask your insurance provider if those specific services are covered by a plan before enrolling.

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