Louisa Stringer

About Louisa:

Louisa Stringer is MedicareAdvantage.com’s caregiving expert.

Serving as a Certified Caregiving Consultant™ and practitioner for Cape Wellness Collaborative, she advocates for family caregivers in the greater Boston area, offering mental wellness care for those who care for their loved ones with cancer.

She is a constant in the world of family caregivers, as she helps them learn ways to develop a healthy balance in life. She is certified in mental health and first aid, and she owns a mental wellness consulting business with a primary focus on family caregiving.

Louisa believes in training family caregivers to improve their present life, and she aspires to remind them of who they are beyond their caregiving duties. 

Louisa has a degree in Sociology and has vast life experience in family caregiving. She has worked in various different work environments in which she has recognized the need for caring for family caregivers in the workplace. She has been working diligently on a mental wellbeing care plan for employers to offer for their employees.


Website: www.LouisaWiebeStringer.com

Articles by Louisa Stringer:

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