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More than 5.7 million Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Special Needs Plans.1

Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are designed for people who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, those residing in certain care facilities or who require nursing care at home, or people with certain chronic or disabling conditions.

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SNP benefits may include coverage for the following:

Scrolling benefits
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental services
  • Vision services inlcuding hardware
  • Hearing services
  • Fitness benefits including gym membership
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When can I enroll?

During your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period

You may be able to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan during your 7-month Medicare Initial Enrollment Period, after you’ve enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. You must meet the plan’s eligibility requirements and live in the plan’s service area.

During the Medicare Annual Election Period

You may enroll in a Medicare Special Needs Plan during the Annual Election Period that runs from October 15 to December 7 each year.

During a Special Election Period

You may also enroll in a Medicare Special Needs Plan if you are granted a Special Election Period.

  • If you currently have or become eligible for Medicaid
  • You are already enrolled in Medicaid or Extra Help
  • You move into a nursing home or other long-term care facility
  • You move out of your current SNP coverage area
  • Your SNP leaves the Medicare program

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A closer look at Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans provide the same hospital and medical benefits as Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B), and many plans offer additional benefits. A Special Needs Plan (SNP) is a type of Medicare Advantage plan.

Most people become eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan when they are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B and live in the plan’s service area.

Many plans have the security of an out-of-pocket maximum2, which limits how much you could pay in a single year for your health care costs.

All of your benefits — hospital, medical, prescription drugs and more — are together in one convenient plan.

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